The Olympics Begin!

Hello there and happy Friday everyone!

Today is a momentous occasion - it's the day my city hosts the Olympics! I know that people must be sick of seeing posts about it by now but I'm extremely excited. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity! I, myself, am attending two different games and I cannot wait to don my Team GB t-shirt and cheer everyone on. I hope you enjoy it as much as I will :)

It's very hot here in the UK at the moment though (I know, right?!). In fact it was so hot last night I couldn't sleep, so I set about using Illustrator to create this little guy: I call him Noah and that's his dog, Whale.

He's completely digitally drawn and I just wanted to share him with the world :) 
Fun Fact: Before I realised my dream of becoming an advertising copywriter, I wanted to be a cartoonist but I didn't think I'd make the cut! Let's face it, I'm no Akira Toriyama ;)

Anyway, I have a few vids to share with you as well today and so I shall start with this one:

*sniggers* you all saw that, right?? :P so that's where Spiderman comes from! Well, Batman has the Bat Cave ... I suppose it's quite similar!

This next video is awesome. I had a go once and just made plinky plonky noises - these girls show you how it's meant to be done!

How cool is that?! What a great job. "Oh, what do you do?" "Ah, I play the giant piano and FAO Schwarz." Amazing.

The last video I'm going to post is something that I can't wait for. Have you ever read the book The Life of Pi? If you haven't, maybe check it out because it really is a fantastic book - one of the best I've read. If movies are more your thing though, you're in luck, as they're now releasing it onto the big screen. This is the trailer.

Excellent stuff. This year has been great for films, I'm impressed, though I'm sure the film everyone is talking about at the moment is The Dark Knight Rises - am I right? :P
It was a pretty amazing film though!

That's enough rambling from me for today anyway. Whatever you're up to tonight, whether you're watching the Opening Ceremonies or not, have a good one! I know I will :) (it's take away night in our house so bring on the Domino's Pizza!)

Thanks for reading,

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  1. I think your your diligent and obviously number 1 reader should get a mention for naming the dog=P

    Lots of love
    G xxx