Great Britain!


I hope you're all enjoying the Olympics. I would blog about something else but, being a Brit, the Olympics has consumed my waking hours since it began!

I have been exceptionally lucky recently and I managed to get tickets to some of the events - which I've been snapping photographs of all this week.
I've included a few below (Road Race, Hockey, Football, Olympic Park and Fencing):

Spot Team GB!


The Velodrome.

The Basketball Court.

The Orbit.


Fencing at the ExCeL Centre.

The Gold medal winner - Kim Jiyeon.

I actually tweeted one of these photos the other night and General Electric has been tweeting me ever since, which I think is great! I love it when brands engage their audience.

Continuing with the Olympic theme, here is a video you might like:

Hehe. It's pretty old but I'd never seen it before and it made me chuckle :)

This next video is a really bad joke done right:

I thought it was amazing and as someone says in the comments, it just shows that physics does have a sense of humour. My physics classes at school were funny though. Like when my teacher used to write "P or N" on the whiteboard ... *titters* good old Mr. Wright!

This last video I'm posting is just something I came across tis afternoon. Last week I mentioned that there were some great films coming out this year and today, this was brought to my attention:

Now, I'm a sucker for kids films anyway and can't wait for the likes of Monsters Inc 2 and Finding Nemo 2, but the animation and stylings of this film is what attracted me to it. I'm really looking forward to the release!

Well, that's it from me but I hope you enjoy the rest of your week/weekend. I'll be starting a new placement on Monday so mine will be spent preparing! Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading :)

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